How to create a new node?

Hello, I currently have my node with problems and I have opened a support case, meanwhile, they indicate that I can create a new node to entertain myself.

What is the process to create it? Is there a problem that uses the same IP?
I hope you can tell me what to do.
Thank you


Welcome to forum!

You maybe looking for this guide:

As I know, it is better have one node per one public IP.

We glad to help you, but must wrote sometinhg more about your problem :slight_smile: .

Hello, I have sent an email to support and a ticket (1207) was created, I am waiting for you to tell me what to do.

My query is about how to create a new node, should I sign up again in the waitlist? with the same mail or another?

Once I have the invitation and I have to generate other keys? Or can I use them?

Yes you need a new identity and a new token, so you need to sign up for the wait list again. Please use a different email address.
Though the previously mentioned advise of one node per IP still stands.

Ok, one last question, can I use the same payment address for the new node?

Same payment address is fine, but it will be a bit more tricky to differentiate payouts by node.