How to delete bucket faster than for 12h?

I’ve bucket with 270 files. Time to delete 22 minutes :scream:
How I can speedup delete process?

If you’re not on the latest uplink version it could help to update. I know there have been improvements to delete performance in recent updates.

Using lates version, delete process super-slow. Upload speed seems good but delete process… Seems like tardigrade still unusable or good to store few big files

latest version, 140 files
real 10m40.263s
user 0m0.228s
sys 0m0.038s

Yeah, that’s still not great. It’s not my expertise so I’ll leave it to someone else to respond further. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just an old still slow version.

I thought they implemented a delete cache on the satellite for uplinks. Why would it be still taking such a long time?

WOW! Satellite so slow)

failed to delete encrypted object, cannot empty bucket "filekormeemzgzisrbjpydjvpmbecqusocvj":     uplink: metainfo error: context canceled

I did it like that, then all files are gone!

C:\Uplink>uplink rb sj:// test / --force

I do same: uplink rb --force sj://name

Well there’s your problem, you have a typo in there.

Yes, typo only at this forum, not command in shell.

Ah I see.
Well keep us informed on any delete performance improvements in any case.

Hey, we took that task and working on improving performance of file deleting from nodes themselves and from the databases. Will be done soon )