How to discover what folder is StephanBenten?

How to know what map is stephen-Benten sattelite ?
nombers are not sattelite ID

Appears to be abforhux....

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thenks you. just want to check if there a files left.

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I just checked my node and there are still some MB left. Is it save to delete all folders within the folder “abforhuxbzyd35blusvrifvdwmfx4hmocsva4vmpp3rgqaaaaaaa” ?

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I have about 700 GB left in this folder. Should it be empty? Shall I delete it?
Please let me know as 700 GB would be quite a waste of space.

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you sure it’s the right folder, that seems like a rather extreme amount…
i got 13MB left in abforhuxbzyd… folder

if you need the space, i think it would be fairly safe just to deleted it… but proceed on your own risk… :smiley:
but be VERY VERY VERY sure that you are actually deleting the right data…

when in doubt, don’t…

and you really shouldn’t have to delete stuff manually

and that you have 700GB left is a point that would worry me, i mean if the node haven’t deleted the data it means it wasn’t aware of it… why did you have 700GB left… then node should be able to delete the data, else what’s keeping the other blobs / satellite folders from also having data they don’t track or delete when they are done…

so i would say that you shouldn’t be so worried about if you can delete it or not… but try to figure out why it’s there in the first place… might be something on older nodes because of software changes over time… i duno… dig into the forum and try to figure out why it happened.

I did have a number of DB corruptions in the past before I moved them on a SSD. However, my node appears to count the space in this folder as valid since Dashboard stored space coincides with the actual space on my HDD. Which makes me believe that somebody pays for it. Or do they? Anyway I decided to keep it.