How to find what e-mail you signed up with


Is there anyway of finding out which e-mail is linked to the Auth Token used? Wanting to set up another node, for the life of me I can’t remember which I used.


You need to use a new token for a new node anyway. Just request a new one.

That’s what I’m doing but I forgot which e-mail I used.

You forgot what email you used just now?

Just request one again, there should be very little wait time. Just a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be the same address as the previous one.

I use a lot of different e-mail addresses. Sue me lol

Haha, you do you! I just wouldn’t bother trying to find the old one. Maybe write it down when you request a new one. :wink:

I use zillions of emails but they all end up in the same inbox, so quite easy to search for the sender email address. Looks like your setup is… different.

If you used the same one for launching your previous node, you may find it in the docker command you used maybe? In option -e EMAIL="..." ?