How to fully automate the startup node in all reboot scenarios (manual restart/failure)

I’m a noob. I’m now succesfully running a node, and don’t want to restart all the time for testing. Hence this post. My scenario now with rebooting is 1, passing the CentOS selection screen. 2, the terminal requiring me to login the user (name/pw).

Although I’ve innitially started docker with the “restart unless stopped” I need to start up both the service and the storagenode to get a “online” status on dasboard. (only restarting the storage node doesn’t work).

sudo service docker start
sudo docker start storagenode

Restarting/ rebooting appears to counts as “stopped”.
What I’m I doing wrong?

Services can be enabled or disabled. Try systemctl enable docker.

Or if you really are, then chkconfig for old centos


@andrew2.hart. Thanks.
Just to fully grasp it. Is it likely I did something wrong, during the setup? Or is the docker service not enabled by default? Seems quite important to me - that it starts on reboot.

The docker service is not enabled by default. You need to enable it manually. They tried to design it in the way when docker daemon got started when you first request any command.
It could be ok for dev purpose, but not for continues running service, so you should enable and start it.

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This should make the deal :

sudo systemctl enable docker.service
sudo systemctl enable containerd.service