How to generate a link to the video file?

hello, question: I use gdrive plyr (proxy player), all I do is copy the share link from a video I have in gdrive and paste it in Gdrive plyr and it generates a new link for me that goes full screen when I open it in the browser.

I try using the share link from one of the videos in storej but it doesn’t work. it only works when I right click the video preview and copy that link. but I understand that link expires after 24 correct?

is there a way for me to do this with storj?

also, storj only plays mp4 files?


Hello @MC10,
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When you generate a link, you need to copy the generated link, not a preview link. To use it in the player you need to replace /s/ in the URL to /raw/.

What’s your player (or browser) supports depends on that player and browser, not on the storage platform, so I cannot say, what else formats they are support.
For example, Chromium supported formats and codecs: Audio/Video

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Hello, thanks for your help!

One more question do you know if there is a way for me to use these services with storj. - torrent downloader directly into cloud storage. - a file transfer service, it keeps multiple clouds services synced. If one cloud gets a new file, it will transfer that file to all the clouds that are connected.

I know both of these services can connect to clouds in different ways if you can point me in the right direction, I’ll do the research.


You could ask either of those providers if they support S3 to servers outside of Amazon’s own. (Usually it’s just a matter of the URL being different) This is typically what you need to connect tools like this to Storj.


Noted, I’ll do that. thanks!