How to increase bandwidth in node

Hi all!

I’ve upgraded my interned for a 1Gbps connection Down and 200 Mbps up and I want to increase the internet bandwidth allocation to my node.

It is possible or is automatic?

Many thanks.

There is no bandwidth allocation since last year.
The actual usage is performed by the customers, no one parameter or hardware change can force them to use your node more often than others.

If you upgraded not only for Storj - then fine, otherwise please do not expect any ROI soon.
The theoretical bandwidth have no effect on node selection.
However, if your node would be faster in storing/delivering pieces, it could win races more often than before. But there is no predictability or linear dependency on that.

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Hi @Alexey,

I upgraded for personal and professional reasons, although I thought I could put it in good use to storj.
If there is no bandwidth allocation since last year then better :smiley:

Thank you you for your answer.

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