How to limit node maximum speed

I’ve had a node for a week, but I’ve found that with the node on my network, it significantly slows my wifi speed when I’m trying to do other things such as stream video. It shouldn’t be a problem since I have a 200 Mb/s up and down connection. Storj says it uses 50% of your network speed at max, how does it calculate that? Does it run regular speedtests then upload at half that speed? How do I limit the node speed?

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Storj has the capability to saturate your network line at any time without some special setup for traffic shaping. There is no limit. That said, i’ve never seen any spikes over about 90Mbps so far. You would need to check out some QoS or traffic shaping devices, or upgrade your network pipe.


You shouldn’t run your node over WIFI.
Apart from that my node doesn’t spike over 90Mbps either. It’s typically more like 10-20Mbps and shouldn’t impact your internet. But your router might have some options for traffic shaping and priorities.


Where does it say that? I haven’t seen that myself, but I’m sure its true, just curios where is says that.

I assume your not running your node on a WiFi network?
Are you sure you have 200 Mbit/s (I understand you do not mean 200 Mb/s)? Not all internet providers give you what they say they give you.

I have never seen anything above 100 Mbit/s, its always been <40 Mbit/s for me. Have been running a node since beginning of December

Just saying it out loud (Mbit/s = Mb/s = Mbps) != (MByte/s = MB/s = MBps)

Bandwidth Converter:

If the OP is running GNU/Linux, there are numerous possibilities for using various tools to limit network bandwidth for a particular process/interface. Here’s one possibility.

What gave it away ???

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v3 is using much less bandwidth speed than when it was running V2. I find a 10/100 mbps link maxes out at 10 mbps upload and downloads have been averaging 2-10 mbps on a direct link, not WIFI. I think its based on network traffic, distance and the clients link sending the files.

On V2 I would get 100+MBPS down and 10-50MBPS up.

I have no problems with a 10/100 mbps connection and a single node. plenty of room.

Also, check your WIFI. Wifi routers can have very slow bandwidths and has a higher chance of speed problems. Try a network speed test. My experience is also wifi routers have a much higher failure/reduced performance rate over time than direct links.

I think a 10/100 MBPS connection can only handle a single node. I will be testing soon a 1 GBPS/ 1 GBPS connection with more than one node since I don’t think storj v3 is utilizing the expanded bandwidth efficiently. The faster the data gets to and from the client the more successful completions of uploads and downloads there should be. while storj may not distribute more files to a single IP with multiple nodes, I think more successful file transfer completions would make up for that compared to what I am seeing in the logs now and context cancelled transfers.

On a previous 1Gbps link I had going I saw speeds of 10 mbps download to client and 10-20 mbps upload from client this is a fraction of the speeds I saw on v2 with a 1gbps connection.

Yes, I mean 200 Mbit/s up and down, and I’m running the node over ethernet. It seems that my wifi speed has lots of ups and downs at times, causing periods of slow wifi. I read there that “Storj customers will use at most 50% of your available storage and bandwidth.” though it seems that that doesn’t mean network speed. Is there any way to dynamically set a limit to use half of my wifi speed, whatever that is at the time? For example, maybe run a speed test every 10-30 min and then limit the node’s maximum speed to half of that.

Node can only influence wifi if your node connected by wifi.
if you have 200 mbit 1 node never overuse it, just because HDD cant give this speed to write and read.

Please do not use wifi ass connection of your node. Today 2.4GHZ N standard allow about 130 mbit if you not have someone around using this friquensy also. then you all devide your speed.
I have miktorik router with full gigabit and more than 1 node here. No problem at all.
you can try to mesure your wifi speed and if you connected by cable, can be very big difference.
If cable connection working fast, then it just wifi is slow because it overloaded.

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perhaps thats related to all the customers that where on v2? V3 is still in beta and the number of customers connecting is <10

I don’t think your numbers are accurate there. But yes, it’s still starting up.

Regardless the way the V3 network works is much better at spreading load over time. Where V2 transfered large files at high speed. V3 transfers small files from multiple nodes at the same time. The result is a higher speed for customers with less reliance on individual node speeds. From the perspective of the node this looks like a more constant but less high speed load. This does not however mean that there is less load overall.


Where did you come across this information ‘Sir’ ?

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what I meant is that I’m not seeing, at any time more than 10 clients (IP addresses) connecting to my storage node (excluding gitbackup)

As v3 has much smaller files the only way your bandwidth would increase would be the number of connections, not the file size itself (TCP Windows sizing laws)

‘Sir’ Thank you ‘Sir’ for enlightening a brainless creature like me ‘Sir’ with this wealth of information ‘Sir’.

Am I wrong to say 1 Mbps != 1MBps ?

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Why are you excluding gitbackup? That’s one of the uplinks using your node.

Thanks, I’m now using wondershare on Linux to limit the bandwidth and it works perfectly.

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its using about 4 bytes/s in total. I could run my node on a 2k4 bps modem and would be fine