How to make a good exit from the system?

Hello, after many years working with several nodes, my “server” has stopped working, it has had a hardware failure (motherboard) and I think it will take 1 month to turn everything back on.

Now I don’t know what to do, wait a month and turn everything on?
Or the other option is to unsubscribe all my nodes and do a “gracefull exit”?

What dou you recommend?

If your nodes are offline and can’t be turned back on you can’t gracefully exit either. They have to be running to do so.

One month should be the limit to be disqualified. If you need this time you may lose them and there is no point in bringing them back.

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Can you move the drives to an alternative system? I had to give one of my Storj systems to the kids when their computer died. I repurposed a very old server and installed the boot ssd and storj drive into that. I reconfigured the networking and all worked fine. That old box is now running 2 Storj nodes.

Thanks for your answers, if I understand correctly, I could deactivate each node, one by one (I had 5 nodes) until the process was finished.

Finally, I understand that with this, if everything goes OK, some tokens that were withheld are returned to me. is it so?

You will get money back only if you complete GE successfully. GE can be made on node older that 6 months.