How to merge 2 buckets

If I have 2 buckets from storj, how can I access them as ONE bucket on my side?
So like I can stripe between them, or I can fill one up then the other but as me just accessing as ONE bucket?

First, I have to say I have no idea how to do that or if it’s even possible with the Storj software as is, sorry ^^

This sounds like kind of a complicated (and very specific) feature though as it would require users to choose how to fill buckets when you upload files to them: Sequentially? Randomly? Round robin?
What happens if they don’t share the same passphrase?

If it is possible and implemented (I doubt it), I’d be curious to know how all that is managed.
If it’s not, I guess that is something that you would need to implement yourself.

Your question sounds like an XY problem. Why do you want this kind of feature?


Could you elaborate on what problem you are trying to solve?

I need to access both of them and stripe over them, like a RAID 0 on both the buckets. There is no X in this situation, I want to do this so I don’t have to split every file in half and upload each half to both buckets.

If it is possible to split a file in half and upload both halves to both buckets, this is clearly possible.

why do you want to do this? Why not upload all files to a single bucket?

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i have restrictions, it doesn’t matter anyway

what are those restrictions?

It’s very hard to help while also having to pry information against the askers will :slight_smile:

What multiple people are trying to tell you is there is almost surely a solution to satisfy your requirements that does not involve messing with this one abstraction layer. But unless you share what are you trying to do nobody can help. This is indeed a classic xy problem, as was posted above. Please read the first paragraph here XyProblem - Greg's Wiki. It describes your topic.

I have a free bucket with storj, which is 150GB bandwidth and 150GB storage, but I also have a free bucket from another company, and they provide 150GB storage and 150GB bandwidth.

So let me make this very clear: you want to concoct and maintain this complex engineering solution to save $1.62/month (leaving out the ethics of this for now)?

Is this seriously the worthwhile, let alone best use of your time?

What another company? Another Storj account?

And what do you want to store there? Files? You can always mount both and use mergefs on top. If you want to serve it over S3 — read Minio documentation.

But in your case here the solution is simple. Pay $1.62/ month and you won’t need to do that. Put thousands of dollars worth of your time you save not needing to design, debug, and maintain this to some better use. Any use. Any use will be better.


It is against our Terms of Service for the same customer to create multiple accounts on the same satellite. Please only use one account in order to comply with the terms.

I would like to remind you to delete all buckets and access grants from any non-compliant accounts asap and then file an account deletion request for each of these accounts.

Note that non-compliant accounts will have their limits reset to zero if the customer elects not to cooperate voluntarily after having been made aware of the infraction of the Terms of Service.

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Whoopsie… nobody else offers that, mate. Kinda exposed your plan there.

There is a technical solution to not having to pay though. One that is perfectly allowed by ToS. Run a storagenode. Doesn’t have to be a big one to cover your needs if you just need an extra 150GB. You can set your payout address to your Storj deposit address, that way you never even have to deal with crypto wallets yourself.