How to migrate node to another disk


I want to migrate my node to a new HDD. Right now is holded in a 1,8Tb RAID 1 Disk and want to migrate to my new 4Tb disk.

I tried to copy the data automatically with windows back up system but it doesn’t copy any file at all.

So i had to do it handly, what takes 3 days to copy all files. Right now i had turn of the node to copy only the modified files (allmost 24h copying).

Maybe when the data are copied i can relocate the node just reinstalling the GUI windows selecting the nwe disk??

There is specific documentation for migrating node data -

If the storagenode is running on the same Windows installation, then you shouldn’t need to reinstall, just update the config.yaml file once the final robocopy has finished running.

Hi Stob, thank you for your reply.

I allready checked that guide, but it says the case to migrate to a different PC in same network.

I’m sorry for causing troubles, my technicall english comprension is very poor.

No problem. The commands will be almost the same if the RAID 1 and new 4TB are on the same computer?

For example - if the RAID 1 is (D:) and the new 4TB is (E:) the command would be:

robocopy d:\storagenode e:\storagenode /MIR
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Exactly, D: is the actual node and E: the new disk. Thank you. I will try that.

After the above ‘robocopy’ command has finished executing for the first time, you should run it several more times until the difference will be negligible. Then you can stop the storagenode service on the PC by running in the elevated ‘cmd’ :

net stop storagenode

Then run the ‘robocopy’ command for copying the data one last time.

Edit the config.yaml file to update:


and if necessary


When the config.yaml file is updated and saved, start the storagenode service again from an elevated ‘cmd’:

net start storagenode

Final step is to check the service is running and make sure no errors in the log file.


Dear Stob,

Thank you a lot. The process with robocopy went very good and faster than hand copy. I have just sucessfully migrated mi node to the new disk.

Best regards :slight_smile: