How to mount storj drive through RcloneTray?

Hi everyone
I recently found simple GUI for Rclone to mount Storj as Windows drive: GitHub - dimitrov-adrian/RcloneTray: Simple cross-platform GUI for Rclone

I had no problem to mount Storj bucket as drive, but i can’t upload files inside.
Can anyone explain how to set-up it properly?

Here is my settings:

I would suggest following the instructions in our Rclone setup guide.

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Hello @nickonimus,
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The bucket name should not start with /, the chunk size is better to set to 64MiB (67108864 bytes).
also, it seems unmounts itself during load, so I guess it’s better to use mentioned guide for rclone and use their rclone mount command.
You may also configure rclone and try to use a remote’s name as an alias in this app.

Thank you for suggestions!
Seems like this tool doesn’t work for uploads in any way, so only possible solution is to use rclone commands.

I installed this app, and figured out, that it produces an incorrect rclone config.
You need to edit the config ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf with a plain text editor like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code and remove all entries undefined, save the config and then it will start to work at least in rclone.
This app doesn’t handle uploads for some reason, but can download. The mapping location is used for upload/auto upload/download (this is some kind of semi-automated sync feature), but it doesn’t work for uploads too.

However, if you start an rclone mount with this config, it will work (BTW, you mistyped Storj in the remote’s name):

rclone mount Stroj-Drive:folder e:\ --vfs-cache-mode=full

It will also work for upload:

rclone copy -P D:\Storj-Drive\folder Stroj-Drive:folder

Unlike this app, you may also setup rclone with a native connection instead of S3, following Rclone - Storj DCS Docs guide and use this remote in the rclone mount command.

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Sorry for long reply, and thank you for deep look at my problem!

I was looking for “single-click” solution for people i working with, so for now simplest way i found is using some utility like AirLiveDrive and Odrive.