How to pay a relative low zkSync activation fee

I have seen a few complaints about the zkSync one-time activation fee. The fee can be high depending on the ETH gasprice. If I want to send my tokens somewhere in the middle of the week I will have to pay around 20$ for this one-time activation fee.

Over the weekend the fees are usually going down. As of right now, the gasprice is around 70 Gwei and with that, the one-time activation fee is only 9$. So my solution to this problem was to send all of my STORJ token to myself.

My zkSync account is now activated. Up next I might want to send my tokens to any exchange. I need time to find the best exchange for my use case but in the meantime, I wanted to save some fees while the gasprice is low.

If you are in a similar situation like me and the gasprice is low maybe drop a message here so that other people also get a chance to save some fees. Piece out :smiley:


The gasprice is lowest on Sundays. I can recommend this site to check current gas prices: The zkSync onramp fee is annoying though, do other L2 / side-chain solutions handle this better?

These are the earnings of the first year for new SNOs


There is also a 10% bonus on zkSync payouts. My node is currently getting around 20$ per month. That means in just 4-5 months I can pay the fee just with that 10% bonus. And we get that 10% bonus for 2 soon 3 months. So that is the background I am coming from.

I am happy with my zkSync payout and just want to share my best practices with other people that are in a similar situation like me.


Is this permanent for the foreseeable future? I’m getting quite a bit more than 20 USD, so I’d gladly take the 10%

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Yes. With zkSync storj labs is saving a lot of fees. As an incentive they share a bit of that saving with the storage node operators. That way it is a win win situation for both sides.


You should make clear that you are talking about an L2-L2 transaction to yourself here. I just tried sending all my Storj gains of this month to my L1 adress in order to trigger the account activation fee, but that would’ve cost an additional 22 USD tx fee on top :slight_smile:

I now paid 7.5 Storj (~12 USD) for the account activation, so thank you for the hint!

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That fee is also depending on L1 fees,as is every fee on zkSync. But it’s only a big impact to withdrawal and activation.