How to print the serialized access?


In most of Uplink CLI commands, it is possible to use the --access parameter. The help message for that parameter states “the serialized access, or name of the access to use”. I had some troubles figuring out how to provide the serialized access, but I finally got it from the configuration file of the installation (~/.local/share/storj/uplink/config.yaml).

However, I am trying to do some automation and I would like to know if it is possible to output an access through Uplink CLI. I thought “uplink access inspect MY_ACCESS” would do it, but it does not. So, does Uplink CLI offer what I need? Or will I need to parse the configuration file myself to achieve what I want?

Thank you.


hi @clebersa welcome to the community!

Please try uplink share . with no arguments – it prints an access grant with no further restrictions, but you can also restrict more.

Glad to have you here, and please let us kow how that works out for you

You can create an restricted access grant with uplink share, then import it to the same or different uplink with a name, for example

uplink import name-of-access 12DFfkfjirofjojiasojwduiehiduwehuiufhiefinsdkldscnmjkdhfiernkfjiervnuirnvuirv

Then you can use it specify the name

uplink --access name-of-access ls