How to reinstate a suspended node

Hey all!
I just received an email that my node was suspended on the europe-west-1 satellite.

Found out that the drive used for Storj was just gone from Device Manager.
Fixed the problem now.
What do I have to do now? There is a link on the suspension notice but it only gets me to this forum category.

Thank you in advance!

Check if you are not failing audits from your log. Your node will get out of suspension mode after passing few audits. To check your log search for download failed AND Get_audit error messages.

Ah, nvm. I see everything is automatic.
My node is now ok.
The problem was recent, a couple of hours before receiving the suspension email. There were a lot of download failed logs.

I don’t know why, my computer running the node didn’t see the drive with the node data anymore.
Switched SATA ports and its ok now

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