How to resize storage

I’m running a storage node in docker.
I’m currently using 3TB of an 8TB drive but I now wish to use the entire drive.
Is it just a case of restarting the docker with the revised size?

Yes, just restart with wished size in docker run command


Don’t forget to allow 10% free space to remain on the drive.

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Valid point. :+1:t2: 50-100 GB.

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For disk size <= 1TB, that’s recommended indeed, but it feels to me like it’s not necessary to go over 100GB of reserved free space on bigger disks, I agree with @Bivvo.

Since 2 years of being an SNO, I never noticed any of my nodes going crazy with allocated space as they meticulously stop collecting data a bit before the set threshold.

On a related side note, be aware that by default, linux reserves 5% of disks’ space for root usage. That is not necessary if the disk is not hosting the OS (and epecially if the disk is dedicated to STORJ).

For instance, to set the reserved percentage to 0% on a disk (adjust /dev/sdxxx to match your environement):

sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sdxxx