How to revoke my subscription in Tardigrade platform?

I would like to know how to unplug my card details?

As far as I remember, you can’t do that…

But I seem to remember that contacting Tardigrade may allow one to remove a CC from your account.

That’s weird. Almost feels deliberate.

I think it’s related to the promotional arrangements…

But maybe it has something to do with the CC processor…

I don’t know. I just remember seeing the issue in a forum post about 2 months ago.

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i’m sure they just forgot to add a forget my cc feature, so far as i know that stuff is pretty much industry standard today… or you pressed the save my details when putting them in… alas there really should be a feature to remove a cc.

lets call in @brandon for this one… i’m sure he can put this towards who ever needs to look at it.

haven’t noticed it before, but i’m already pretty new… so… i duno, i’m sure they will get around to it… happy customers goes a long way towards building a successful business.

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You’re basically using the service on credit and pay later. They can only do that if they have either a valid payment method or a reserve when you pay with tokens.

Support will be able to help you though.

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Somewhere it has been mentioned by storj that the support can remove your card if you create a ticket.

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