How to safely reboot system and restart host (Linux)

Hi there,
I’m a noob host operator and afraid of doing something wrong when rebooting my system for the first time.
Can you please give me precise step by step instructions on what to do before / after rebooting my pc (running Ubuntu)?

If you started the Docker container with restart: always in your compose file or by using --restart always as an argument to docker run then the container should automatically be started upon reboot. You can check with docker ps to ensure that this is the case.

Thanks for your replies!

I started the storagenode with “restart unless-stopped” and the watchtower with “restart =always”.
So both should start automatically after reboot (storagenode only if not stopped manually) and I can make sure using command
docker ps -a

Would you still suggest stopping the containers before reboot, or just “kill” them by rebooting?

You don’t need to do kill services before a reboot.
The reboot process is “smart” enough to wait for services to close properly before shutting down and restarting.

Only time you need to “kiil” the Storj docker is if you are making config changes.