How to see the earnings

I have been 4 months with everything perfect and I have only earned a measly euro. how payments work, In other words, they have paid me the residual only.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, your first few months will be measly payouts. The point of this is to hold the STORJ until it has some real value. I have been hosting nodes for the past 450 days and only have around $170 worth of STORJ tokens at current pricing. I am holding until the prices go up again then i will withdraw. This is like investing in any crypto currency. The investments are long term. This is also why you have to wait 15 months to get 50% of your held amount back.

There is not really a short answer to that question. In the first 9 months you don’t get full payouts. There is a held back percentage that decreases over time. This is to encourage storage nodes to provide long term reliable service. After 15 months you get 50% of what was held back paid out. The rest you will get paid out after you run a graceful exit.

The dashboard shows you how much you were paid out and what was held back. You can also use the earnings estimator here to see what kind of payouts you could expect.

Please copy the sheet to your own Google account if you want to fill in your own numbers.

I think comparing to how profitable other people have had with storj, I have had been running for 20 months and Ive made over 1000 dollars with my nodes,and currently holding 1200 dollars ETH since I convert my coins to ETH, It is very dependent on how early you started and how much space your actually holding.