How to set the window prometheus retention period

Does anyone know how to set the retention period on Windows Prometheus? I’ve tried typing the command below with nssm and nothing seems to happen. It’s easy to run with the Linux docker, but I don’t really understand Windows

nssm.exe restart Prometheus “–storage.tsdb.retention.time=60d”

I guess it’s better to specify this in the Prometheus configuration file. I do not think that it can work in a runtime. Or it could be only temporary until the next restart.

Can I know the default location of the configuration file? I don’t think I’m modifying the prometheus.yml file, but I can’t find another configuration file location…

I do not think that there is a default file location. When you run Prometheus you specify its config file: First steps | Prometheus
I would recommend to read their docs to tune it, it’s not related to Storj.

Even if I look at the data you sent me, I don’t have a clue where to put the command in Windows. It seems like a rudimentary question, but I tried it because I was frustrated that I couldn’t answer after trying my brain all day yesterday. Please understand

I solved it by installing a window docker! :slight_smile: Windows is more uncomfortable than I thought