How to setup additional storage nodes

Hi all, new here. Just a quick question…

Is it possible to setup more than one node on a windows machine, and if it is, what’s the procedure to do so?

Can I just run the install program again and choose a different drive letter?

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Its recommended to run 1 node per HDD unless your first HDD is full. Is your first HDD full ?

Hi @lordkhomar!

To host more then one hard drive on the same computer, some people use virtual machines, others setup a RAID. I personally run multiple nodes, I find it easier and it is the recommended option.

You can setup more nodes on windows but it’s more of a complex setup because of manual creation/configuring of services and configuration files.

The other nodes on the machine would need to rely on a batch script that is ran by a task scheduler job for updating the nodes.

I myself have decided to to use RAID over managing multiple nodes. I rather have a long lasting node. I feel the extra space used for redundancy is insurance for keeping my node online.

Yesterday I just added another NIC Card to my NAS Server that is setup with NIC Teaming so that when I am using the NAS for my own use, there is enough network capacity left over for other running apps. NAS Server had 1 Gbps, it now has 2 Gbps. When I transfer files to the server or to my PC, it would use up 99% of that 1 Gbps. Now it’s only 38% of 2 Gbps.

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Thanks for all the info guys, my first node isn’t full but I just want to be ready when its close to full.

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First node is full now. Is there documentation on how to add a second node to windows? Thanks in advance for your help!