How to sort files inside a bucket?


I am just wondering how to sort files inside a bucket.

With ./uplink ls sj://temp I get the list below, which is not sorted either on file name, file size nor timestamp.

Is there any way of sorting them with a switch or default option set with a configuration file? Thanks!

From my understanding they cannot be sorted on the satellite, as the path of the files is encrypted, too. So the satellite could sort it only using the encrypted path which is not helpful.
Uplink, though, could sort. But I do not know if there is a command for this. I assume you could sort them using pipe’s and some linux commands - that I do not know, too.

So, a very helpful comment from my side, sorry. :slight_smile:


Yes that seems the most straightforward.

./uplink ls sj://temp | sort

Thanks for the hint :smile: