How to unlock higher egress/upload speed via QUIC, UDP?


I recently updated my nodes ping from often 130ms to 40-60ms latency, and im very happy im improving networks time to first file.
My nodes are on VPN, and also i discovered that in most cases maximum upload speed raised from 20-30Mbps to 200-300Mbps so almost like no VPN!
Thats thanks to UDP, not like on OpenVPN protocol wheres only TCP.

Now, in the node:
As far as i understand QUIC status is for UDP in node dashbord, its OK everywhere.
On firewall i have port forwarding for UDP as well. So its working.
Just when i observe the traffic from node i see the egress spikes only tops 20Mbps, and i wonder, is theres some other restriction, how fast the node can upload pieces via UDP?

Not gonna lie, i was hoping that i will see spikes like 100-200Mbps egress, but it simply didn’t happens, dang, i want to offer all my upload power to STORJ network, im wondering is there’s anything else i can do to give that better speed to the node.
In its all up to 200-300Mbps Upload.
Its Windows GUI, WIndows 10.
Do You have any ideas?
All the best.

This is common and is seen by other node operators, including myself on a 500Mbps line.

This is dependent on the amount of egress, closely linked to customer demand. At this time the demand is not constant enough and the customers don’t need such usage from just one node.