How to update my node on windows

Hello Storj Family,

i run a 7tb node on windows, been doing it for more than a year now, and lately im getting this email: “Your Node is Below the Minimum Version”; its version 1.77.2; normally the node updates itself when doing a reboot, but not this time…

how do i do an update the very easy way, as i said, its running for more than a year now and i totally forgot how i even set this up ^^ i know, i know, im stupid

so im looking for the easist way to do the update, would love any help
thx in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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If the watchtower fails to update your win node, than stop the node services, download the storagenode.exe and storagenode-updater.exe files from github, replace the old ones and restart the services.

It’s not a docker node. And watchtower now only updates a base image, it has only supervisor and downloader for storagenode-updater, it doing all real work to update the node. So actually stopping, removing the container and run it back is enough to update the docker node to the latest version.

For the Windows GUI node you usually do not need to do anything, the installed storagenode-updater should update the node. But the version 1.77.2 has had a bug - it’s won’t stop on request under Windows, so the automatic update is not possible because of this bug. Thus you need to kill the storagenode.exe process via Task Manager and restart the storagenode-updater service to allow it to update the node.

thx all, it worked, great help from the community :slight_smile: