How to use Duplicacy to backup to Storj cloud storage

Here is an article I wrote for using Storj with Duplicacy.


The web side seems to be offline.

Sorry I forgot to update this in this forum.

I switched over from hashnode to Gitbook


Any reason you can’t add cname blog to tutorials? Both links seem to be on the same domain, but cloudflare error says they are under different accounts. Did you figure out what’s up?

I added a permanent redirect so will redirect to

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But it is still doesn’t work, and the error is the same. I believe you need to make a CNAME in your DNS registrar, not a redirect.

I will have to look at it again on Monday. Meanwhile definitely works

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I’m unable to add “blog” as a CNAME. Keep getting errors with Cloudflare trying to add it.

At this point, I’m just sticking with

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I can make your first post a wiki, and you will be able to update it.

I would add to the tutorial recommendation to increase the chunk size. By default, Duplicacy uses average chunk size of 4MiB. With storj much better performance can be obtained with 32MiB average and 64MiB max chunk sizes.

Relevant threads: one, two


duplicacy init -chunk-size 32M -max-chunk-size 64M ….
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I’ve updated the article per your suggestion!


Hello @upssnowman,
Welcome back!

Could you please also update that we do not offer a free tier of 150GB anymore?