How to use quic in version 1.4.1

is the version 1.4.1 support quic ?
I found some clues of quic in the code, but I don’t know how to use it

You need to use the latest version of uplink

./uplink version
Release build
Version: v1.41.2
Build timestamp: 18 Oct 21 16:37 RTZ
Git commit: 5707c30d72c31bc83b967a1b05bb8ab0e5677e23
./uplink cp --help --advanced | sls "quic"

      --client.enable-quic                 Use QUIC as the transport protocol when it's available, otherwise, fallback to TCP

So, you can call it like this:

uplink cp --client.enable-quic ~/Downloads/big-file.mkv sj://video/