How to use storagenode-updater.exe

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i am not really happy with the windows installer. For me it finished with an error leaving me uninformed about the current state of the system. (some path not set right)

Luckily as i am working in IT i found the binaries storagenode.exe and storagenode-updater.exe and shortly after the services in windows.

Which leads me to my question, as i want to setup the system myself and NOT use the installer:

What does storagenode-updater.exe do? I see it needs three parameters: --binary-location, --log.output and -config-dir.

How does it know which service to restart? I assume it will stop, replace and restart the storagenode.exe?

Is there anything else going on with the storagenode.exe? I read in some thread that it will also be restarted on a fixed schedule?

I would really love to see this all documented in more detail, did i miss out on something? The storagenode-updater.exe help does not help at all, as it print out all the storagenode.exe related stuff as well.

Don’t get me wrong, a fool proof installer is nice for less technical people that simply want to setup a node and forget about it, but i really would like to know more about those executables.

If you are working in IT, the pi4 linux docker solution might be more fun. Sorry about not answering your question and suggesting something else. I hate it when people do that.


Actually no, a slow SoC and USB attached mass storage is not fun

I do have a pi, i do have 1 or 2 servers running debian which might have some free space but i am asking specifically about the WINDOWS executables. Docker on windows is not recommended as far as i understood the docs and some comments in this forum.

Should i ask the more general question: What is the roadmap for windows nodes? Is the ultimate goal a no configuration hands free solution for the avarage sam and his windows vista or will the docker and windows cli options be aligned and fully documented?

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The full available documentation is here:
The more IT-specific in storagenode setup --help and storagenode run --help.

As an IT specialist you should know, how to create a Windows service with all needed parameters. The documentation how to create any service in Windows is out of scope of the generic documentation.

As a user you can use either a Windows GUI installer or Windows Toolbox made by @Vadim (you can search for it here on the forum ) or use a docker version.

The roadmap is published as a blog posts here: and in each Town Hall. The latest you can see there:

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Thanks for your reply. The “full” documentation does not mention the executables once. The help command on the updater is overloaded with flags from the node? There is no place where I can download the executables standalone.

I can easily setup a service but especially with the updater I want to be 100% certain what it does. And what it needs.

Rather than observing the installer and potentially missing out on a key config/setup I would like to do it myself guided via a good documentation.

I stick with my recommendation to improve this.

Please, use the Windows GUI installer, this is a supported and recommend way.

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