How web dashboard get info node online?

How web dashboard get info node online?
wold like to add real status, of node and monitor it.
May be some soft enginere from storj can share info.

Probably lastPinged from the dashboard API. Though, I’m not entirely sure what the threshold for offline would be. On a working node this updates every few seconds usually though, so if it’s more than a few minutes you’re probably not online. However, this may be different for completely new nodes.

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this Last ping is changing all the time as you call web dashboard or api

Hence your node is online. If it’s not updated it is unable to make contact and thus offline. The times are in UTC. You compare it to the current time in UTC and if the difference is more than say 10 minutes, your node is apparently offline.

Edit: If you want to verify, you can temporarily remove your port forward and see if it stops updating. I could be wrong, haven’t verified it myself yet. But since everything on the dashboard is pulled from the API, this would be my best guess.

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@BrightSilence i checket your theory and it working. I just try to mak trobleshoting section to my toolbox.
to simplify some searching of small problems like config mismatch or NAT, win firewall. Some other problems, i am just started

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My small node often has last contact >6 minutes but it is still online and working fine.

Right, I was looking at a node that isn’t full. I’m guessing yours is?

10 minutes is probably a little short. I remember vaguely a while back someone mentioned up to about 1 or 2 hours could be normal in certain circumstances.

yes mine is full which is probably the reason.

Are you all talking about this little piece of info on the web dashboard?

I thought the last ping time was nothing more than the time since the last refresh of the dashboard page. It doesn’t seem to be related to satellites and/or client pings at all.

Besides, when my DynDNS went down once (roughly 3 weeks ago), I could not reach the web dashboard from the Internet (makes sense) but I could still access it from my local network, and it was happily saying that I was online with my last ping being 0min ago (after a refresh of the page).

But the truth was sattelites and clients could not reach my node at all.

So, unless I misunderstood something, I’m not sure this status displayed on the dashboard is reliable :thinking:

thanks for your info.