How would one pay for data on us1 using storj token

I keep getting the errors in the screenshotts

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Thank you for reporting!

And thank you for opening a bug report
And also I found another issue I think someone here may of mentioned it but the mobile dashboard page (atleast for us1) looks like this

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We are sorry but our dashboard webpage is not currently optimized for display on mobile platforms. There are some third party mobile beta apps you can find referenced on this forum, if you want to try to use Storj DCS on mobile.

Or an easier solution to give people would be check view in desktop mode I figured that but just thought I would make sure you all knew about it thanks

Approximately how long do you /they expect it may take to fix

We implementing our own system to accept tokens, but it’s not ready for production yet. Expected release in a couple of weeks: Storj Network Roadmap · GitHub
We did not expect the troubles with Coinpayments, so implementation is not finished before this incident.
At the moment you can submit a support ticket on and we can process it manually.

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