Https:// is being blocked

Maybe more of an “FYI” as I’m not sure what can be done.

Quad9, which provides recursive DNS service designed to block malware websites, is blocking, as shown here: Blocked Domain Tester | Quad9

I guess it’s listed in the list “Bambenek MDML Phishing”, which means there are likely other services blocking that URL too.

And that kind of makes sense, I can see that bad actors would want to use StorJ to store some malicious files, and hope that email filters and other scanners allow through the links. This is why Firefox Send had to shut down.

Looks clean on VirusTotal

Comes back as not blocked now. May have been a temporary issue.

Hey, want to say that my AV(Avast) is blocking that page as well, when scanned it is flagged by 7/70 AVs(virustotal)
VirusTotal Link

Thank you for reporting this.
We implemented a quick fix, but it may affect some customers (hopefully only malicious ones):