Huge difference in Synology and Windows GUI

Hi guys.
So, this morning I got an email stating one of my nodes is suspended for audit failures :frowning:

Trying to troubleshoot why, I checked the dashboard that I have 4.5TB Egress for this month!!!
UAU! That came as a big surprise as my other 3 Windows nodes have less that 200GB Egress.
In addition, my volume occupation for the the Synology is 100%!!! Never seen it as well!


So, no wonder I failed audits! Traffic is off the chart for this one and volume percentage use as well!

Is there massive stress testing going on?

I have some bad news for you… you don’t. The layout of the dashboard is slightly messed up when you use color (will be fixed soon). The 4.5TB is your used disk space. Your actual egress is 209.9GB.

There is especially high upload going on right now. So yes, that could be part of what’s causing you to have some unknown audit failures. But I would still look at your logs to see if there are any audit errors. Or any audits that started, but never finished. Also look at what was happening on your node at the mentioned time.

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I did! Could not find anything wrong.
Even so, now it´s too late.
I stopped SNO, deleted the container, rebooted Syn and ran docker command again.

Damn it…but at least makes sense now, thanks.