Huge traffic on my node

Hello, I have one simple question. There is any network stress-test now or I just have huge network traffic?

Can’t say that my node gets any more traffic than yesterday.

Same reply from me as from @kevink

Thank you guys for help. It’s wired but ok :smiley:
One of my two nodes now using almost full network speed continuously since two hours. Second node in different location don’t have so much traffic.

I’ve noticed an uptick in uploads from 121RT and 12EAy satellites over the past day or two.

I believe yes. Every time I increase my storage limit to allow more files in, it fills to the new max capacity very fast. Also some of the newly stored files get deleted within minutes. What happens if somebody continuously uploads and deletes files all day long? There would be no egress bandwidth and very little storage time, but would use a lot of ingress bandwidth. Do we get paid for that?

not really, can you define “huge”? for some that’s 1MB/s and for others that’s 1000/MB/s

You will be paid for storing data and egress traffic. The ingress traffic unpaid

About 12 hours ago I got done with the vetting process on 2/4 satellites.
I see about 4 times more bandwidth used compared to before.

Could it be that your node have been vetted?

How much time between fresh node setup and vetting?

I have 20/20Mbps connection to Internet. Now I have continuously around 10/10Mbps node traffic.
I said ‘huge’ because before I had just a little traffic (around few kbps avg from let’s say last hour).

So, my node is working since something like month. Have been vetted?

You can use this script: