I am Offline and I did all configurations


I need help!

I have all the configurations done and i am always offline.
I have a Windows server 2019.

Kind Regards

Hi @Nike1492 ,
Please post your log.
How do I check my logs? - Node Operator (storj.io)

Where i can find it?

The link I posted - How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

21-04-20T12:01:41.617+0200 ERROR contact:service ping satellite failed {“Satellite ID”: “…”, “attempts”: 7, “error”: "ping satellite error: failed to dial storage node

You need to check your open ports - Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

Also check your public IP Address.

My port is open…
Thats not the problem.

Thanks. Looks ok.

Also check identity - Step 5. Create an Identity - Storj Docs

it shows 1 and 2 and not 2 and 3

now i start a new verification

now i think i am online

Online but disqualified. You have to start vom scratch. New Identity + empty Storage folder.

You are online!

Unfortunately you are disqualified on multiple satellites, so you should delete all identity and data, then start the node again.

now its away…
i deleted it generated a new on

thanks for your help