I am setting up my old desktop need your help for multiple node

i am setting up my old desktop with my dual core 4gb ram with activated windows OS with total 2.5 tb space 1x 500gb 1 x 1tb 1 x 1tb = 3 hard drives. my desktop have only one lan connection. i am ready to give 2 tb of my hardrives storage. i have an very decent internet connection with unlimited bandwidth with 40 mbps speed with no static ip.
so i was going through all the forum and discussions but i still need your help in a simple language because i am not so good in computers.
my question is -
1) Do i have to remove my windows OS and use other OS just for using docker because i have read comments people saying it works good in Linux? or do i have to use virtual machine for linux OS? and do i need to install my OS in the hard drive where i am going to give out for storage (can you guys help me with installing docker)
2) Do you guys recommend me for using multiple node for two different hard drives with docker or should i start with single node first for single hard drives and if in future will it be easy for me to setup second node with single node still running?
3) i have only single lan RJ45 connection on my motherboard do i have to buy lan card for multiple node connection?

     If you guys recommend me for docker or any other steps please help me with the link. Also help me with any precautions I should take while setting up for node or nodes. 
     It will be very kind for your help and will also educate me in future. i am also learning on networking through different videos and blog can you guys tell me where should i start my basic in networking?           
     i wont be able to reply you early as i am working guy.

Thank you …

Do not run windows on a old machine and run a storagenode I would run it in ubuntu server with no GUI you dont really want that extra over head.

I think you’ll be happy to hear that it’s a lot simpler than you think.

  1. You can run multiple nodes on windows just fine (I do it myself in fact), no need for linux (but you can). I do not recommend using virtual machines as that will add delay and make it harder for you to win the “race” for pieces. Also, please, please, please do not have a node running on the same drive as your OS, that’s just asking for trouble. Only have 1 node per drive AND make sure that drive isn’t used for anything else.
  2. I think the community sentiment is pretty much agreed, at least when starting out, have only 1 node. After that node is verified you can add another node On Another Hardrive. This way you maximise ingress since unvetted and vetted nodes get a different pool of bandwidth per node (read: /24ip). Moreover, if you start vetting all the nodes at once, they will all fight for the same bandwidth and take linearly more time to get vetted, meaning you are delaying how fast you can get access to the vetted bandwidth.
  3. Honestly dial-up is more than enough of a connection when starting out (assuming the ping is good). It will take a long time for you to get anywhere near saturating your existing 40mbps connection. And basically never will you cap out a RJ45.
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There are loads of information on the site. If I was you I’d wipe the drives. Install Linux, Debian/Ubuntu, setup docker and make sure it runs. Read more documentation and then install and start to run a storagenode.

I’m on my 3rd attempt running a node. At first I ran windows. 2-3 months. Then I tried migrating to a RP4. Failed and I started over I February. After I few months I bought a Synology DS920+ and I began migrating. This time I successfully went through it.

TLDR is read lots, trial and error. Don’t go the easy way, because you will get frustrated and quit. No money earned for at least 6 months. Be resilient!:


as i ill try with win 7 as i have said if i didnt get the result i ill try ubuntu

hi thelastspark,
yes i am actually trying to set up in windows itself but facing with old windows OS for creating identity and yes i ill really make sure that i wont run os on the same drive. i have decide to run single node first lets hope for the best for a good start.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I haven’t faced any issues running it on unused windows host, but yea good luck!

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  1. In my personal expirience I have only used linux as a base for storj. So far it works really well, without much troubleshooting. Just setup node and watchtower via docker and look after dashboard stats time to time.
  2. general recommendation is 1 node setup per 1 hdd. Separately, it is better to start with only 1 node and 1 hdd, and, after it gets vetted, you may add second node with second hdd if you want, but there are other benefits if you wait for first hdd to fill up first.
  3. There is no such correlation between number of nodes and number of ports. On contrary, increasing active lan ports within same server would require additional setup and would make things more difficult compared to just one port. One port is enough for any reasonable amount of nodes.

sorry I ask but why have more in one big note ?

Unfortunately each node on the same device must have an own unique port for communication and unique port for dashboard. If it’s a binary version (Windows/Linux GUI) or docker with --network host you also need to specify two another unique ports - server.private-address: and server.address:, see details here: How to add an additional drive? - Node Operator


Thank you for clarification, Alexey. Yep, this is an important part. I meant physical rj45 port, as a reply to whether topic starter needs unique rj45 connection per node.


hello thelastspark,
i was able to solve the problem identity binary by downloading manually and i am happy to inform you that my setup is running on windows 7 with single node as you have suggested me before. Thank you :slight_smile:


hello Alexey,
You have no idea you are my savior. i was actually facing problem with the port forwarding due to CG nat. i was jumping forum to forum and i read all your solution / possibilities in the comment section .In the end I had to buy static to match wan IP with public IP and it was a success. Currently I am running single node. I really appreciate all your help .
Thank you.