I am suspended (again)

Hello there,
so a few weeks ago i opened a thread because my old node where suspended from litterly all satalietes after a drive crash.

The solution in that case were that i created a new node with new id etc.

This new node now runs for abour 2-3 weeks(started on 5.5.2020)

Today i looked in the web interface and saw that my node is suspended again from the Saltlake satalite

My Problem is i don’t know why? I have a uptime over 99.5% Audit Rating is at 100% and so on…

I also saw that since 3 - 4 days the Traffic goes way back from about 5 - 10 GB a day ingress to only 200-300 MB a day.

See the Pic…

Please help i don’t know what it is now…

Addit. Info:
I were connected the hole time to the Internet
The Server runs totaly fine exept this
the “docker logs storagenode”-command only showed a “upload started …” “Download started…” sheme and nothing like WARNINGS or ERRORS

And now i got an email with Content:

Your Node is Suspended

Node ID:


Your Storage Node on the saltlake Satellite was suspended. You were suspended on 2020-05-19 at 01:55 UTC.

You won’t receive any new data on this Satellite until you resolve the issue causing audit failures on your node.

But the thing is i dont have any issue causeing audit failures or other failures

Can you explain what you mean by this? Are they starting but never finishing? Look specifically for GET_AUDIT lines. Suspension happens when your node fails audits, but they aren’t about missing files. They fail for some other reason.

Also how is your HDD connected ?

No that isn’t my problem i just said that because this are the normal msg. what you get and if the node realy have audit problems ther were some kind of warnings or errors in it and that isn’t the case

via USB3.0 and mounted to “/NAS” and the hdd is totaly fine and works great

Also the node now runs for about 3 hours (i restarted the node) and no problems happened since than (also not before)

I just want to know what i schould or could do that the suspension is rewoked

You can :arrow_down:

If you aren’t redirecting your log to a file then your log is deleted when you restart the node.

For redirecting log to file follow How do I redirect my logs to a file? - Storj Docs

I assume your log is not redirected and that is why you aren’t seeing any errors in your log.

Did you follow steps for static mount ?

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I understand the interest to use cheap USB drives, but any external drives by USB connections are bad, the drives inside are generally bad, USB connection is easier to be disconnected. Out of context, I’m using a audio DAC, and well, I can hear when the CPU is overloading or even drives, because it creates micro drops and I hear a parasite. The problem is it happening to any USB device when the CPU is overloaded, interruption can happen accidentally, and this could happen to your node at this time. A micro drop is enough to fail an audit.

If you don’t have space for SATA drives, you can use a longer cable and put your own sata drives in a external case, directly attached to your sata controller, or you buy another cheap SATA controller if you don’t have SATA ports, like I did (it exists PCI Express and Mini PCI Express cards, its very cheap like 20€ on Aliexpress, or a bit more on Amazon for the same chinese products), except if you want invest in a RAID more expensive controller (which I don’t recommand personnally like Bright and others users explained in a dedicated topic).

So if you begin to have issues again and if you’re disqualified again, you have two options: you give up the S.N.O. because you don’t have invest and you don’t have space on your sata drive, or you create a node on a sata drive (or SAS/… any reliable drive server side, but i don’t think it’s our case).

USB drives are NOT made neither for a 24/24 usage nor for a intense workload, and SNO should stop to use that connection. Its made for archiving mainly, and nothing else. And it has a very high failure rate. But it’s only my recommandation, I don’t judge you and I wish you a better luck with your node !

I think you use a NAS, so its a bit different and maybe you don’t have the option to use SATA/internal drives, so you could try a cheap linux mini pc device like the ODROID-C2 (used successfully by some SNO on the forum) if you want keep a low power solution.

yes the node was staticly mounted and yes i know that the log files get flushed when you restart but i looked at them before restart don´t saw any Warning or Error´s and so i restarted to see if something chanceing in the logfile, but wooooww nothing at all.

Sorry i told a bit confusing.
My Drive is connected via USB but is not an USB - Drive!
I use a SATA 4 TB drive (3TB for Storj) connected via SATA-TO-USB Adapter to my Server.
The external Sata-Adapter is because of the Space - Problem of my Server - Housing. The USB is long an so i used that.
And i also looked at System Logfiles and the Drive was there forever and no error or something like that happend.

Also i want to move a little bit because i ordered a Storageserver an so i want to provide a Second node with about 220 TB.

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Yes, alright, sorry about that. I made a small notice for others SNO, regarding for USB drives or USB to SATA interface, but it was not necessarly the right spot. But I mean, when you check how it works, USB is another layer over the SATA, another circuit/processing, so it actually add a hardware point of failure if the USB interface is failing even if it seems reliable, and I think it could use slightly more CPU cycles than native SATA. And I read a lot of failures on the forum with USB connected drives, so I think it could be associated to the USB interface, which I don’t trust at 100%.

But anyway, I hope you’ll be fine with your node of course. If you never experienced issues in the past, there are probably no reason you doubt about the hardware you get. Good luck!