I am turning off my nodes permanently

not true, you won’t get any USD at all.

Hi, people storing data are being paid in STORJ or USD? I thought it was the second, but maybe I am mistaken.

Payout is calculated in USD and paid out in the equivalent value in STORJ.

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Its based on the price of USD but getting paid with a STOJ token which you can convert to USD or any other coin that you want.


Do you mean that if I have zero egress and 2TB stored then I won’t get any Storj token ?

No what direktorn want to say, that you didn’t get USD in fiat. You get Storj token and you need to exchange them to USD. For each TB stored you get 2 USD paid in Storj token but more interesting is egress there you get 20 USD paid in Storj token for each TB.

@BlackDuck I appreciate your input but @direktorn likes to call people brainless and doesn’t bother to give any explanation. Someone who claims to have ''20 years of network admin" experience is expected to show some professionalism. But this is the last time I will talk about this.

Why that? You can ask any time everything what is unclear for you, we will try to gave you the best answer we can. You don’t have to be considerate of others.

I read somewhere that the minimum for graceful exit was 15 months, but currently an exception to only 6 month has been made. I don’t think 13 days is long enough to get any benefit from graceful exit.


With the volatile times of the STORJ token behind us (and probably also ahead of us), I am wondering when the conversion rate for the token payouts for a specific month is set. Is the conversion rate the token price at the first of each next month, a mean/median/integral of the timeseries of the past month, or at the time of payout (e.g. on the 10th when the payouts go out)?

Concisely put, where does the token price STORJ/USD come in to play, in the calculation of the SNO Payouts?

All I know is that they’ve said at time of payout. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s when payout starts, when a batch of payouts starts or right before each individual payout. Though I doubt it’s calculated for each individual payout.

Is it reasonable to request that the exchange rate is published at the time of payout? We are all calculating earnings in USD, but there is quite an uncertainty introduced due to the fact that it is hard to extract the actual USD earnings (database scan with 3rd party code is required for each node). With that, there is an added playing room for StorjLabs on the token exchange can have a significant impact on the SNO payout, e.g. if they can choose which day/exchange rate is favorable, or pick the lowest payout of the last 10 days.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that this is what is currently happening, but I think it would be valuable to the SNO’s if there was more transparancy on this.
Especially as the whole payment process is being automated now, I’d be very interested in the logic behind it!

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this is very simple with https://etherscan.io/, select transaction and click on the estimated $$$. It switch between the sum with price on date of the transaction or current date.
I do not know how it could help though

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On this matter, do we know when the exchange rate is taken? Is it the same one for all SNOs when payments begin? Or is it the exchange rate at the moment of each payment (which feels like it wouldn’t be fair)?

The exchange rate is queried and updated every 5 seconds during payout sending. So any node will get the USD amount they earned converted to STORJ using the most recent available exchange rate. This will assure that people that got their payouts earlier and were able to cash out immediately would end up getting the same approximate amount in terms of USD as someone who didn’t get their payout until hours later.


Thx a lot for the clarification.
Explained that way, it seems fair in the end I guess… In terms of USD which is what StorjLabs are aiming for I guess.

It still feels weird to me however, because I don’t believe a lot of people will cash out payments immediately.

I don’t see any solution to this problem though.
Hhmm :thinking:

We already tried different other ways when to set the exchange rate (back in V2) and there were more unhappy SNOs with any other solution we tried than the current one.


Alright then. Glad to hear it’s been thought through.

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