I can no longer launch it even though it has functioned correctly

hello I am looking for help to put storj v3 back into service, I can no longer launch it even though it has functioned correctly despite the lack of programming it may have, it was stopped for 2.3 months, because I was not present, today I would like to put him back to work :slight_smile:


It’s not a good practice to “steal” a thread on a forum. If you have any questions create a new question. Your node is DEAD if its been offline for 2.3 months

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I moved your question to a separate thread
As @direktorn is stated, your node is dead now. Please, create a new identity, sign it with a new authorization token and start with a clean storage.
Please, use the latest version of the storagenode software.

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hello and thank you very much for your reply, that’s what seemed to me. I apologize if I didn’t ask my question in the right paragraph cordially

Really? Is this new?
I thought disqualification because of being offline wasn’t on yet. We’ve seen nodes recover after months of being offline…

Has it been enabled recently?

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Well from what ive seen your node could have been offline for a few months and still start the node back up and keep going. But for sure the data would have been repaired and all your data is going to be trash.

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hello I’m waiting for my new identity, I made the request before yesterday! thank you for your support well to you

Not necessarily all the data would have been repaired so it could still bring a bit of revenue from the start, and you wouldn’t have to go through the vetting period.

@woofsid if you still have the old identity and associated data it’s worth launching your old node as is, just in case, to see how it behaves.

(Keep installing your new node anyway, it doesn’t harm to run 2 nodes - just don’t mix up your identities :))

This should only take a couple of minutes to receive your new token by e-mail.
Or do you mean you’re waiting for its generation? Coz this could take hours indeed :slight_smile:

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hello, actually I had the new token directly,I just launched my new node :slight_smile:

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hello, and thanks for the information, I must have kept my old identity but I just launched a new one.
I’m starting a second node but I don’t set up the new port between no ip and my dashboard.

actually it would be cool if I manage to recover the old identity, I would look at it once the two nodes are active

it’s good I created a new identity thank you very much

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