I can not change port

I can not change public server port.
When I changed all port number to new one, But server is still running on old port.
How can I change port number on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and 640GB HDD?

Have you read this ?


If you’re using docker you have to remove the old container and start a new one.

Also, you should check your router port forwarding settings.

My router don’t provide port forwarding to Port 28967.

I highly doubt it. What is the make and model of your router?

my Router’s model is PR-500MI
In my case, I’m Using “v6Plus” Service so I cant do.

If I understand it correctly, then your problem is not the router as such, it’s your ISP using CGNAT. So changing the port won’t help you as you can’t forward any port.

Your link states that the only solution would be to subscribe to the PPPOE service.