I can't install the second node on the same PC, can you help?

hello, who can help me with installing 1 my free drive for funny?
im tired from storj
all turorials is very very very bad,
no discord (all coins got it)
no chat
no video tutorials!!!

im tried install on linux storj and no working
where is problem with make tutorial?
i was wait almost 2years for V2, V3 site in emails!!! you sent me for hire betatesters… no emails from STORJ


We are not a coin-for-nothing, we offer a real service for real people, who storing and retrieving data to/from the network. We offer a storage, not coins. So no discord.

The forum can be used as a chat - it’s working in real time. But people are not. Someone will answer on all your questions, but not immediately, just be patient. This word is a description of work of Storage Node Operator :slight_smile:

We have a video tutorials:

And for Odroid:

We have a text tutorial as well (if you would follow it step by step you will setup a storagenode): https://documentation.storj.io/

Now to your problem, please, elaborate what do you mean by “no working”? Do you have some errors or is it offline?

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hi. Alexex, im tried this video tutorial, on the end of vide is his node still OFFILINE (no forwarding)

but this is guideline for 1NODE, no for 2nd NODE on same site…
im laughing on first video tutorial :rofl: when tried check all, exists COPY button on the end, omg

any with TW/anydesk to find my problem?



To setup a second node you can use this forum thread:

And also take a look on these threads as well: https://forum.storj.io/tag/multiple-nodes?solved=yes

We do not offer a TW/etc. support. If SNO is unable to follow guides, then it can have problems in the future and will not be able to recover if something goes wrong. So, it’s better to ask questions and learn a little bit about how to setup your node.

Back to your problem - what you already did and where is stuck?

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hello, im tired from setup my 2nd node on local site :cold_sweat:
linux ubuntu 18.04
tried use all steps from docu
no chance
offer money for help

no chat?
no discord?

thanks for help

You posted a bunch of times about this already.

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was only a matter of time before Miss Trump started a different career…


Well this was an interesting forum thread. I think we can collectively say this thread should be deleted as there is nothing constructive in the body for future users to seek as guidance.

This almost made me laugh, Not sure how it went from asking for help to insults in 200% speed. But yeah this probably should be deleted along with blocking this user because this isn’t a way to ask for help from anyone and probably wont help in the future even if they created a new user.


This user is need help, we are a welcoming Community. Perhaps they have had a difficult time in their life.


@clapsyourhand please, try again but just say, where is you stuck?

ok, made identity on strong machine and copy via filezilla to /home/identify cert keys

im stucked whats next :frowning_face:

You need to authorize the identity now with your auth code. You should see 6 files not 4.
Sign up for one here https://registration.storj.io/ then run this command you should just do it in windows then transfer all the files. Linux command

identity authorize storagenode email:characterstring

or windows command which would be in powershell.

./identity.exe authorize storagenode email:characterstring

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ok, done, didnt know,that it must be in local/share/storj etc

now is sucessfully, ill go next steps :+1:

and here is my problems with docker,ports,forwarding … will be echo here,if im stuck

Ok lets see your docker start command and remove anything personal.

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I’m sorry if you felt insulted Ivanka, it was only in jest and really directed at your namesake in the Washington.

we all want to help, and looks like you are in good hands, so ill just shut up :smiley:

SGC im sorry too, but im i crypto from 2010 and never see this evil between ppl
i like crypto world, mined much coins, im started mined dogecoin and have biggest farm in EU , im pioneer crypto girl
mined with drives burstcoin from 2014 too :kissing_closed_eyes:
i like funny with coins and tutorials,
sry,that im not IT tech girl,but i want to learn


You need to put your public IP if it isnt static I recommand getting a ddns and setup and put that there instead of the public IP.

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i have static IP :+1:
im asking,cos im found this steps

mother of life
:smiley: many hard skill on me


$ sudo apt-get install

$ sudo add-apt-repository \
   "deb [arch=amd64] https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu \
   $(lsb_release -cs) \

Ok put your public IP dont forget to forward the port to 28968.

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