Hi guys,
First of all im new and sorry for my bad english.

I follow all the steps (on windows) but I cant join in my http://localhost:14002/, any ideas?


firewall issue maybe… you sure it uses the right IP depending on how your system is setup… if you have many nic’s sometimes its good to select a ip address so you know where it is…exactly…

on my server localhost is like 4 IP’s and not all software will broadcast on all but select one ip and then broadcast on that… which might be an issue.

check the output of command netstat -ano | find “14002”

if nothing happend you have problems with the container (maybe wrong port redirection or something similar)

if show the port check what ip are, if are or you need to check the firewall and permit these port (please use localhost or xD)

Ok , Thanks, i will check it

Nothing happend when I write netstat -ano | find “14002”.

Where can I see more info to fix it?


Are you using docker or windows GUI ?

Windows GUI, i dont know what happend

Hello @zeroC,
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Please, run a Powershell and execute:

Get-Service storagenode*

Also, the dashboard will be available only from the PC where is storagenode located.

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Oh yeah! Thanks !

But is offline, i will search more info


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Do you know why it is OFFline? Because I follow all the steps, i checked the FIREWALL but its ok.

Try to check every step in this checklist: