I can't login to my web dashboard

Suddenly, I can’t log in to my web dashboard. The error is as shown in the screenshot below:

I also tried using Chrome without any extension to log in, but still doesn’t work with the same issue:

What’s wrong?

Try clearing your cache in Chrome and then login. If that doesn’t work then try Chrome’s incognito mode.

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We are sorry, but there is a temporary outage on US1 accordingly the status page.

But you may use all configured tools as usual.

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Hi! I tried everything, I am still unable to login. My Rclone remote to the bucket also stops working.

What’s error it produces? Is it configured using a native Storj integration or Storj S3?

Thanks! But unfortunately, my Rclone remotes (S3) to my buckets also stop working.

There’s no error in Rclone, it just can’t sync the data. I was able to sync like half an hour ago.

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Then we need to wait until engineers would solve an issue. Sorry for inconvenience!


Is there any chance that the data will be lost (I hope not)?

I don’t think so. Probably just the satellite went down.


No data is affected. I would suggest to subscribe to the status updates to be notified.


The issue has been resolved.