I’d like to switch to ZkSync

the side effect of not supporting polygon payment any more is that everything else is more difficult. I therefore would need help. I’d like to switch to ZkSync and I have read STORJ documentation.
I have an ETH address I have created in the past, I own the private keys, but I do not have any wallet of the ones listed here on https://lite.zksync.io. How can I then connect my ETH address to ZxSync?

Thanks in advance.

Import your keys into Metamask and use this. If this doesn’t work just create a new wallet in Metamask and use this from now on.

What wallet are you using right now?

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I am not using any wallet, I actually developed my own…
I think I created the address originally with coindaddy.io. But why do I have to import my address into Metamask? Shouldn’t my address and key be enough? They were enough with polygon…

Because that’s one of the wallets which work at https://lite.zksync.io/. Feel free to use any other method listed on that page or “develop your own” :wink:

Thanks Donald, I will definitely work on my own in the medium term. For now, I am trying to follow your suggestion, but I can not find Metamask in the listed wallets.

I have also tried to follow this tutorial, but again after choosing the mainnet I do not have the screens suggested and it brings me back to the main screen :frowning:

I am currently stuck. Any help is much appreciated.

This is interesting
I used this address https://lite.zksync.io/ and get:

Then I clicked on Ethereum Wallet

When you click the Metamask button, it will invoke the Metamask signature screen to confirm connection.

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mmh… tried again on anonymous browser and it worked. I think the trick was that Metamask needs to be logged in, not just installed. Actually, not really looking at your screen… anyway I am now connected.

thanks both!

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