I do not have any uploads in my log files anymore

hi storj team,
I just put in the store docker start command 0,5 more tb and now I do not have any uploads any more in the beginning there has been a lot of upload errors.
how can I check if uploading is still working?

you can use succeserate, it will see rates.

Successful: 41463
Failed: 14
Success Rate: 99.966%
========== UPLOAD ============
Successful: 223400
Rejected: 0
Failed: 65274
Acceptance Rate: 100.000%
Success Rate: 77.388%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ===
Successful: 5942
Failed: 0
Success Rate: 100.000%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD =====
Successful: 6078
Failed: 1903
Success Rate: 76.156%

you looks like ok.
it just network load is small now

with network load you mean the hole network itself.
is there a site to see this ?

yes the hole network, it looks like mass data delet is hapening.
i have about 800-1000 file delets every h

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