I don't understand zkSync

This might be a complete noob question but where do I see my payments when opted into zkSync?

I followed the instructions to link to Trust Wallet but it shows no balance even though I can see transaction on zkscan.io link from my node dashboard

This is the first month so just want to understand and setup how it works


You can only see the balance in the zkscan.io page. it will NOT show up in most wallets.

If you put in your wallet address in the zkscan.io page and it shows a balance then you’re good.

Ok great, thanks. When it comes to it then how do you withdraw it if you can’t see any balance?

Configuring zkSync Payments - Node Operator This tutorial section gives you a step by step explanation exactly how to withdraw from L2 zksync to L1 ethereum address (could be your own wallet or exchange deposit addy). Please note that zkSync announced their partnership with OKex exchange today, so we expect this will soon allow SNOs who have an account with OKex to directly transfer their L2 STORJ to OKex without withdrawing to L1, thus avoiding the high zksync - L1 withdrawal fees, and then be able to convert directly to fiat currencies.


You have to do everything through the zksync site at the moment.

If you want to get access you your Storj as normal you need to transfer it to “Layer 1” which is the layer your Trust wallet uses (NOTE it costs a fortune at the moment to send it to L1. Costs an be between $60 to $90!) Then it will show up in your Trust wallet as normal. :

I’m butchering the explanations but it gives you the general ideas… :smiley:

Also a good place to look at how to withdrawal: Tutorials | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments


What does this mean? Funds from this account can be moved to L1 using the Alternative Withdraw

I don’t understand zkSync either

There are two cases:

  1. You have private keys. Then you can Send funds to any Ethereum address
  2. You doesn’t have a private key from the address (i.e. it’s an Exchange deposit, not your wallet), then you can use only expensive https://withdraw.zksync.io/ to the same address on Ethereum

Alternative Withdraw is used if you (for eg.) want to withdrawl to a L1 cex address, but you mistakenly send it to there L2 wallet. As you dont have the private keys, you can use Alternative Withdraw to move those from L2 to L1 on the corresponding address.
But thats only possible of that adress is not active.

Wow :frowning: I’ll stay with L1

… and will spend the same when you would send your funds from L1 to another L1.
The fee on L2 is depends on fee on L1, but you can pay the fee with STORJ (L2 → L1), on L1 → L1 you will pay it only in ETH.

I can not confirm that. My last transfer 2 weeks ago from Storj was 700 euros from Exodus to Ledger. The transfer cost me just under 27 euros.

Since I only transfer my cryptos from Exodus to Ledger once or twice a year, I’m much cheaper here.

Or am I missing something?


As long as it’s safe I’ll just leave it until I’m ready to withdraw it!

Thank you to those trying to explain it though

Perhaps you did not take into consideration that there is a One Time Only activation fee on zkSync, which you do not have to pay again on subsequent transactions after the first one. I.e. after the initial transaction, fees should be similar between L2 → L1 withdrawals vs L1 → L1 transactions, and transactions L2 → L2 will be actually much cheaper, which will be an important consideration once the L2 deposits are activated on exchanges such as OKex.

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For today the lowest was 13.37 storj’s

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Wasn’t zksynk solution proposed by Storj supposed to clear up the high fees issue ?

I feel concerned here.

@S0litiare’s reply was about the cost to transfer to L1. Those costs don’t apply if you stay in L2, which is the intention of the Ethereum developers in the medium-term future.