I earned too little

I started a year ago (you can see the first payment [here] (Address 0xAAD4F141862D0a9aE178fdB28cf427Fc9bdC0540 | Etherscan))
but since nothing
I have 43 $ of earnings and the payment awaits me either
an average of $ 3 per month, 12 months ago I would have earned 10 storj, but today only 3 (or maybe 1)
so i can’t profit from inflation

the next withdrawal is 12, 30, 60 storj?

i know the fee is going up but also add the storj and not just $ (to calculate you can take the median of the month price)

I just wanna say were all in the same boat so if your depending on inflation to make money then right now is the wrong time for it, since storj pays out at market value you dont loose any money, So if you got a payout then forgot about it then storj price falls then you actually lose money so theres that.

The fees have stopped me from getting paid every single month but it takes me about 2 to 3 months to get payout all depending on the fees. The other option is if you wanna get paid from zksync and gain inflation prices you could do it that way to but in my opinion thats not the best way cause depending on how much you make every month you wont ever get to transfer out of zksync.,

Im assuming your running 1 small storagenode cause 3 dollars a month is really low, my 4TB node makes closer to 15 a month right now. Its only gonna get worse though since there switching to 10% fee instead of 25% so your less likly to get a pay out for probably a another year if this happens and the fees are high. If fees are low you might get a payout sooner rather then later.

But I can assure you storj isnt a scam because ive made everything that I put into storj back and then some.

Yeah right, tell that to my Ducati 999 in the garage :smiley:
Thanks Storj :smiley:

Your doing well getting $15 dollars from a 4tb node. I only get that from a full 9tb.

Hello @depfryer ,
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You earns in USD, not tokens. The amount of tokens will be calculated on sent date by coinmarcetcap exchange rate.
The last month Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum were

I would like to suggest to opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout earlier.

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I have a dedicated 8TB drive and only 2.53TB of use

maybe the place is important too
(I am in France)

after my income starts to grow

yes, but the problem for me is that it is only taken into account at the time of the transfer, not at the time of the gain

I know that we can not ONLY win, but if I invested myself (not much compared to other with multinode, I know it)
it is by hoping that the future the currency increases

So seeing the amount in locked storj at the end of each month seems more natural to me (even if StorJ decreases or increases)

I left the nas running with the data without looking at my income 24/24, just the first 2 months (not even the course of the storj)

and today, I said to myself “I need a hard drive, let’s see how I can reinvest”

to find out that:
1- I did not receive another transfer following the inflation of the gas stroke (well ok, i understand completely
2- I don’t even take advantage of the crypto explosion (if the crypto would have gone down in 1 year, I would have just left ‘better luck next time’)

I would have known, I wouldn’t have bought the hard drive to participate, just put $ 300 in the coin.

In that case you should opt in to zkSync payouts. That way you get paid every month and can hold the tokens yourself. You also get a 10% payout bonus, which would cover the slightly higher transaction costs to move your tokens from there.

Of course if you want to speculate you can also just buy some tokens. Up to you.

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Is the 10% bonus confirmed for zkSync payments?

Yes, it’s been included for 2 months already.


Just to point out, I’ve been running since April and still don’t have enough to make the cutoff. To me that’s no big deal. In my view the token is just a “thank you” for people who already are all about running NAS, making sure there’s redundancy, UPS, etc - that they’re allowing others to benefit from the thing they already do for themselves.

For me (I’m SNO too) “thank you” was $15000 for 1.5 years. So, I’m pretty happy to be a SNO

P.S. It’s my personal opinion and not an advise from Storj