I forgot the Encryption Passphrase of my bucket and I need to access my files

I forgot the Encryption Passphrase of my bucket and I need to access my files, I need to know if there is a way to access my files

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Hello @miguel99 ,
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If you have an access grant, created with the lost encryption phrase, you can use it to setup uplink or rclone or FileZilla and use them to copy your files back from the Storj DCS.

If you do not have an access grant created with that encryption phrase, then you can only delete these files or the entire bucket. Nobody except you have an access to your files, the encryption phrase is your key to data, so if encryption phrase is lost, your files are lost too (they are still there, but you can see them only in encrypted form).

To delete buckets even if you lost your encryption keys:

Using UI:

  1. In your dashboard, navigate to Buckets
  2. Click on three vertical dots on the right side of the bucket
  3. Select Delete, confirm deletion

Alternately, using Uplink CLI:

  1. Create an access grant
  2. Setup an uplink with that access grant. To overwrite an existing access you can add --force option to the uplink access import command.

To list buckets:

uplink ls

To list objects which uses the current encryption phrase:

uplink ls sj://my-bucket

If list of objects is empty - there is no objects with current encryption phrase. If you lost the previous encryption passphrase, you can only delete the previous objects or even the buckets.

To list objects in encrypted form:

uplink ls --encrypted sj://my-bucket

To remove object in encrypted form:

uplink rm --encrypted sj://my-bucket/An1LhSLauz-ROF8oLgLV1UrafXZVUm3HEtU8irR8il4oFI9Xqzc=

To remove buckets where you lost an encryption phrase:

uplink rb --force sj://my-bucket