I found something wrong . Help me please

Hi Alexey,

I found something wrong . Help me please.

docker config file

Authorize file location

Hello @noknan89,
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Unfortunately all your images are broken. Please, copy the text instead.

i will remove image and reinstall.

First of all, update your docker run command: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/storage-node#running-the-storage-node
If you run the docker command without a sudo, your path to the identity is wrong. It should be in your home folder, not in the root folder.
The second, you should place the data folder instead of just storj, you should have a disk on your system for data.
Please, show the result of the command:

df -h

My node is online
** something wrong in destination drive.

THANK YOU for every comment.:grinning:

Please, show how your docker run looks now. I’m afraid that you still uses the docker volume for data instead of the disk.

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