I got new IP and my Node Still Offline

Hi dear forum members!

I Got a new internet provider, and new FIX static IP address, After a new ip my node still offline, somebody can help me how I can solve this problem ?
Thank you everyone!

Hello @veresistvan and welcome to the forum!

When the IP address changes, nodes need to be reconfigured (docker containers need to be removed then restarted if you’re on linux and using docker) with this new address.
Also, if you got a new ISP, I guess you’ve got a new Internet box too? Port forwarding may need to be reconfigured if that’s the case.

Another thing worth checking if the above is okay is what’s in your nodes’ logs. You can post dubious entries (warnings, errors, …) by using triple backticks to format things correctly in here.

Like so:

    Your logs here

Have you restarted your nodes with your new IP address?

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Sure. :slight_smile: And I changed the config for new address.

I have a “business internet” fix(static) ip. I have a Xiaomi AX 1800 router. Port forward and other setting doe’s not changed with the new “box”. How I can shed my logs whit u?
OS (Linux (ubuntu) server )

Only last 20 lines are needed, they will nicely fit here.

How can I get?
Which command I need to use ?

I found it! Sry for “noob” question.

Your address is not reachable. Please, compare the WAN IP on your router with IP there: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
And make sure that you used the same IP in node’s configuration.
In additional, please check the firewall rule.

Some interesting stuff. When I restarted my node (and I posted the screen shot) node was offline.

But now, morning its gone Online.
So somehow, the problem solved.

And I want take a new screen shot for u.

This log suggests the node is still offline but the previous post suggests it’s online. What is showing in the dashboard?

Tomorrow night, when I create the post, it was offline. (Still some hours)

I do nothing, and today morning the node shown online, but no have transferred data.

Post most recent logs?

Here you are.
Currently working, but the interesting stuff, only some (63) MB band. 3 days ago was 8.4 GB.

Is your node up-to-date? What version are u running?

My version is 1.31.2.