I got the email saying disqualified on saltlake, but the dashboard says otherwise

This is a bit weird. I got the email saying disqualified on saltlake
but the dashboard says otherwise

Please, check the yellow marked satellite. Is it suspended or disqualified?

It was disqualified. I have replaced the node now

Better luck this time!

If you still can, you should try to find out what caused the DQ.

The message got moved so the context is lost.

I wrote 2M of zeros to offset 513b of every file in the blobs folder.
The node did not log any audit failures, even on “debug”

I since checked the code and there doesn’t seem to be any checksumming at the node end. I found not enough data and missing file errors in the code but I am not a go coders so …

So the audits on those files looked perfectly fine from the nodes end? That’s interesting, so no way to detect file corruption on the node end then. That’ll make debugging a bit harder.

I assume your audit score did drop and caused disqualification, not suspension. Right?

When I truncated the blobs at 513 bytes, I got errors in the log and suspension decreasing in the dashboard.
When I put trash data in (2M of zeros at 513 byte offset) audit started decreasing but at the node end the log of audits were all good.

I happy with that (although a bit erm… disappointed?) but I don’t get the mismatch between the DQ email and the dashboard. (perhaps the europe north email text was copied from saltlake???)