I had to move V2 node to another computer

I stopped the node on my old machine and moved the folder to the new machine tried to import config but came up with a bunch of errors .
I started a new node instead . Would I lose money by running the data from a new node ?
Or would it have any disadvantage ?
Thanks !

Did you start a new node completely with a new auth code and identity?

If you started a new node with a new identity you lost everything.
The data you have gathered on the old computer is just waste now.

I’m running the V2 version still with the windows version storj share it created a new node id since I couldn’t transfer the old one but I directed to the folder with the old data I have copied over and it shows I’m sharing it just not sure how it affects my pay when I do this .

Also I’m using the same payoff address with the new node .

Im a little confused why are you running V2 less you been running for a long time ,and you should be migrating over to V3, You shouldnt have created a new V2 Node as its not really active anymore as V3 is the new one now.

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You can’t use the same token again with a new identity. If you do, you’ll lose everything too.

If you use the same token again dont you create the same identity?

Since one token is for one identity only isnt it recreated if you sign the same again.

I know bad explenation from my part. Do you get my though at all?

Been a long week so i hardly understand myself right now

No, if you create a new identity it’s a new identity. You can’t use your token more than once. It simply won’t work.

@donald.m.motsinger @BrightSilence
New day and more brainpower.

I totally understand why that wouldnt work.

Ill edit

I hope people having fun talking to each other but as I said was running V2 no token just node id but don’t worry I’m setting up V3 now .
I signed up with V3 long time ago just wanted to see where V2 goes but only got 1 gb the most .
So I ended up with 2 tokens over the time maybe one from the testing time can I use both or should use the latest and ask for more in the future ?

You Should start with one and when the first node fills up you start the second one. Remember V3 has a minimal storage size of 500gig. Unlike V2 didnt have a minimal size. With V3 theres no benefits to run more then one node on the same IP.

You mean, start the second node when the FIRST fills up.

Yeah thats what I meant thanks

Ok started V3 and got error when create storagenode came back at difficulty 33 and try run authorize storagenode
"error occurred while signing certificate: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = certificates peer error: authorization claim error: difficulty must be greater than: 35
(identity files were still generated and saved, if you try again existing files will be loaded)

C:\Users\SERVER-LEASED>C:\Users\SERVER-LEASED\Documents\identity_windows_amd64.exe create storagenode
CA certificate and/or key already exits, NOT overwriting!"

What should I do can I try using it ?

Did you download the newest identity_windows_amd64.exe from the site?

You will need to goto the directory to delete the files manually.

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If you run the new v2 with the old data, this old data is belongs to your old NodeID. Since you don’t have an old NodeID, the payout is lost. The new NodeID will not have an access to the old data, because it’s encrypted with private key of your old NodeID.
As result you can remove this new node and its data, unless you able to recover a private key from your old config.

Ahh Im off with V2 have 3 V3 running .
And thanks it worked 28968 to 28967 in router worked I was confused why 28968 doesn’t work all the way but now I got it . Thanks to you !